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eBook Version is Available

The Latest Release 

by Roy French


The wait is over. Released December 2022 as an e-book and paperback

Raven's Quarry is the latest instalment in the Raven Series.

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About The Author

Roy French is a screenplay writer and novelist, well known for writing thrillers that are best described as "a wild ride".

An Irish lad, Roy has lived in Canada for 20 years and visits 'home' often. His first published novel A Sense of Honor (now Raven's Honor) was Runner up Arthur Ellis Award, Best First Novel (1992).

Roy is also a screenplay writer; most recently of the film entitled Twisted Pieces, now available on Amazon Prime, and a host of other platform. A new project Soundbite, is currently shooting in Toronto. For more information, visit the Screenplays.

Born in Ballymena, Northern Ireland, Roy attended high school (notably with the famous actor Liam Neeson) at Ballymena Technical College. An accomplished musician, he played lead guitar in the rock band Scrudriver.

A member of the Crime Writers of Canada, Roy has resided in Toronto, Canada, for the past 20 years.

Roy works full time in I.T. and believes that creativity and laughter enhance your work.

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Currently in Production : A thriller that demonstrates the devastating impact social media can have on a person's life. When a former undercover soldier prevents a bomb attack in his city, a simple video uploaded by a witness sets into play a series of personal torments for the man who simply did what he thought was right. 


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A dose of revenge and then some

This Toronto filmed dramatic thriller pits a vengeful ex-soldier against the wits of a demonic surgeon who abducts people, and sells specially preserved trophies-human pieces-to the highest bidder.

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