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Raven's Lament

In his newest release of the Raven series, Roy French delivers another thrilling tale of the Raven, aka Daniel Riordan, once the most feared of all paramilitary enforcers in Ireland.  

During the course of a routine investigation into industrial espionage, Riordan finds himself in a situation where he must confront armed terrorists who are planning to use a hijacked drone to attack a global security conference. 


He manages to foil the attack, but is severely wounded in the process. During his recuperation in hospital, he is visited by an old acquaintance from the Mossad who is tracking the leader of the terrorist cell, a man who is known by the name ‘Khial,’ the Arabic word for wraith.

Riordan believes another attack is imminent, and helps to track the terrorists to their base. However, during the intense firefight, Khial escapes and Riordan finds himself in Khial’s crosshairs.

A deadly cat and mouse game ensues as Riordan chases after his elusive prey.

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