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Raven's Justice

When powerful London crime boss Max DeLisle is ripped off by Sean Dempsey, one of his former employees, he turns the underworld upside down in a futile attempt to find him. At the same time he uncovers top secret files that reveal Daniel Riordan as being the notorious Raven, the most feared paramilitary enforcer during the ‘Troubles’ in Ireland.


Unaware of the unfolding events, Daniel Riordan makes a bold decision to attend a birthday party in the UK for a former boyhood friend whom he has not seen since he left. The party turns out to be a shambles, but shortly afterward Riordan is blackmailed by DeLisle to track down  Dempsey and retrieve his money.


Desperate to protect his family, the hunt takes Riordan from the back streets of London to the quays of Dublin, where he meets an old foe, and from there to the hinterlands of his old stomping grounds in Belfast.  He believes Dempsey to be hiding in the wilds of Vancouver Island and eventually tracks down his quarry. but discovers he is not alone. 


He returns to London to hand over the funds, realizing that DeLisle will probably try to get rid of him and so makes preparations to survive. They meet in a brutal showdown late at night on the river Thames docks. DeLisle has the upper hand, as Riordan is injured, and like gladiators they battle to the death.

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