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Raven's Honor

Terrorism, violence, and suspense combine to make this dynamic novel a thrilling page-turner that the reader will be unable to put down. In the tradition of Frederic Forsythe and Robert Ludlum, the story moves swiftly.

Tension builds as a terrorist group, The Sons of Palestine, hijacks a plane carrying 340 passengers en route from London to Toronto. Immediately we plunge into the murky world of secret agents, enigmatic men and women, whose job is to obtain information and kill without mercy. But decisions are made in the highest echelons of government, and the Prime Minister is forced to make an agonizing choice.

In an unexpected plot twist, the plane explodes in mid-air, killing everyone aboard. Into the center of the turmoil comes one man whose wife and little daughter were killed in the crash. But David Spence is no ordinary man; suspicious of the official explanation he begins his own investigation, and his mysterious past helps him as he tries to fit the jigsaw puzzle together. He soon discovers the pieces do not fit, and filled with grief and rage, he stops at nothing – from cold-blooded murder to taking the Prime Minister’s family hostage – to uncover the bizarre truth. He exacts a terrible revenge, but the climax is still to come in another stunning twist at the end of this gripping novel.

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