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Whispers In The Wind

In the tradition of Fredrick Forsyth and Jack Higgins, this is the action-packed story of Patrick Kelly, a Vietnam veteran chopper pilot, who is constantly on the wrong side of the law. Out of a sense of duty to his grandmother, whose husband was brutally murdered during the Irish uprising, he agrees to help a group of Irish extremists steal an Apache attack helicopter.The raid is successful, and he puts his skills to good use against military targets in the North of Ireland.


Unknown to him, however, the terrorists have kidnapped his grandmother. When he is being forced to attack a civilian target, he contacts the security forces and offers a deal: free his grandmother in exchange for the terrorists' base.In a stunning climax, a crack team of SAS commandos, lead by Lieutenant John Waters, attack the base. His orders: locate and secure the Apache, and leave no survivors.But Kelly escapes, as does the terrorist mastermind, who realizes they have been betrayed ...


Once again, French takes us into the dark world of terrorism, the domain of savage men and women who kill without compunction, and a place which which he is entirely familiar.

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