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Raven's Return

When his friend is framed for a murder he did not commit, Daniel Riordan puts his own life in jeopardy as he seeks to uncover the truth. Enlisting the services of a security specialist named Brian Featherstone, "Feather" to his friends, he encounters an evil monster who preys on young runaways and sells them to be abused and tortured.

Riordan destroys the operation in order to clear his friend, but the monster known only as Slade escapes and vows to take revenge on Riordan and his family. Riordan attempts to protect his loved ones, but the assault comes from many angles, angles from which he is not prepared.

Suddenly the hunter becomes the hunted...

French takes us on an adrenaline pumping ride, with former foes becoming fast friends and allies to confront a protagonist who is evil incarnate. The action is non-stop and the plot twists keep you guessing to the last moment.

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