THE CRAIC WAS MIGHTY is a bittersweet comedy/drama about three childhood friends from Ireland who left their troubled homeland and are now reuniting in their forties, in the midst of a collective mid life crisis. Mayhem ensues.
TWISTED PIECES  is a dramatic thriller currently shooting in and around Toronto, that pits a vengeful ex-soldier against the wits of a demonic surgeon who abducts people, and sells specially preserved trophies-human pieces-to the highest bidder.

A FINE NIGHT FOR DYING is a thriller currently in pre-production, that pits a corrupt detective against two of the city's brutal gang bosses. If he has any chance of surviving he must use every tool at his disposal to escape the inevitable.

GOING FOR THE BULL is a romantic comedy centered around a dart’s tournament in St. Johns. A young musician returns home before setting out on tour, hoping to reconcile with his alcoholic father, a former dart's legend. Instead, he falls for an old flame, who happens to be the daughter of his father's nemesis.


NO GOOD DEED is a thriller that demonstrates the devastating impact that social media can have on a person's life. When a former undercover soldier prevents a bomb attack in his city, a simple video uploaded by a witness sets into play a series of personal torments for the man who simply did what he thought was right. 



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